Based in Greece, born in 1968 in Athens. 
As a big lover of music started his career as a dj 
and started spinning records in 1986. 
One of the 1st dj’s in Greece to discover electronic-techno-house 
music .Through the years he gained experience 
as a dj playing in big clubs.. to around 3000. 
Worked for some time as a radio dj. 
In 1996 started his own club with great 
succcess- Athens-“Stone Inn” with live events 
and group promos .In 2003 decided to leave Athens 
and currently lives in Samos-Djing as guest and 
at events in most bars/clubs on the island. 
In 2010 started to make his own tracks and remixes 
focusing on deep dark house and in 2011 started 
to publish on soundclound . 
Not interested in commercial music- prefers music 
that has something to say with a deep feeling..Image


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