MKartal – Before Falling (Out Now On Beatport)

The astonishing success of MKartal first EP ‘Before Falling & Adrenalin’
Blending the influences of progressive tunes,while carrying the weight of’Before Falling’ 
A strong and catchy tune unfolds, as soon as ‘Adrenalin’ kicks in.


Support By : 

Markus Schulz,Di Costa,Jordan Petrof,Andro V,Deep Soul Duo,Deep Future,Stanisha,Andrez/Shopping Therapy,Franzis-D,Suffused,Zibe,Gai Barone,
Veliades,Aural Frequency,Louis Sollard,John D, G-Mohris Per-vurt Records,
Nick Wurzer,George Mosoh, Greg Candea (Greg Candea),Silker
Marc Pole,Deep Cult,Kaan Koray,Samatorev, DJ Koolz (Gihan Jayasundera)
Dave Carden (David Carden),Mark Youssef,Bobby Deep,Apsara, Michael & Levan,
Komaroff,Deepsense,Kay D,Placid, San Holo (Jason Owen), Adam Oland (Adam Oland),Deep Z & Michael Gaida

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