Liquidbass – The Binding (Out Now On Beatport)

Out Now On Beatport !!! Grab your copy now!!!

Liquidbass project that come from the ice covered lakes of Madison Wisconsin.The members include Samuel Wallner, Nick foster, Tevin Sago. These two fantastic originals tracks could very well form a genre of their own.

Support By :Jordan Petrof,Matteo Monero,Deep Soul Duo,G Mohris Per-vurt Records,Veliades,Suffused,Franzis-D,Tim Benjamin,Andro V,Josh Abrahams, Ov3rblast,Samotarev,Komaroff,Elemental Drift,Peter 
 Martin, Dingle (Metadeko) (Daniel Mc Daid),John D,Sasha Le Monier,Marc Pole,Andrez(Shopping Therapy),Zan Prevee,Raytek,Michael & Levan,Sonic Union, omd, Aaron Lee (Aaron Schumacher),Nick Wurzer,Stanisha,DeepSense,Kay D,Aural Frequency, Stas Drive (Salt N Sugar),George Mosoh,Kaan Koray,Zibe, San Holo (Jason Owen), Deep Z & Michael Gaida,Boral Kibil,Omar El Gamal,Vanyano & many more!!!


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