Upcoming Releases

Paul Martinez & Fiddler – Astrum (Release Date:Sep,28.2012)

Franzis-D – Valle De Las Orquídeas (Release Date:Oct,1.2012)

Orelse – Kissed By An Elf (Release Date:Oct,8.2012)

JayCosmic – Alien Messenger (Release Date:Oct,15.2012)

Andro V – Lonely World (Release Date:TBA)

Dmitry Molosh – The Revival Of Nature (Release Date:TBA)

DontKnower – In Flight (Release Date : TBA)

Boyaa – Bad Feeling (Release Date : TBA)

Andro V – Fox (Release Date:TBA)

Peaceful Mind – Mind Eye’s (Release Date:TBA)

Orelse – Acro Polis (Release Date:TBA)

Zibe – Night Of Sin (Release Date:TBA)

Nas Horizon – Balos Lagoon‏ (Release Date:TBA)



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