Orelse – Kissed By An Elf ( Out Now on Beatport )

Out Now on Beatport !!! Grab Your Copy Now !!!

‘Kissed By An Elf’ balances things out between uplifting progressive tunes. Melodic, summery and absolutely stunning,.On that one, he extended ‘Kissed By an Elf’ to a dramatic, heart-felt progressive piece of emotion. Remixes from Original Deep Love, more progressive version of the stunning original,Dmitry Molosh,Franzis-D,Hector Sawiak,Paul Martinez and Zibe, peak-time and energetic, are part of this memorable release.

Supported By:

Markus Schulz , Sander Kleinenberg,Fady Ferraye, D Pen, Faskil,Fernando Ferreyra ,Orelse,Andro V,Deep Future,Vanyano,Arctic Night , Deersky, Dmitry Molosh, Tolga Diler, Di Costa,  Veliades , Tim Benjamin,G-RoM,San Holo (Jason Owen), Dave S (David Meert), Aytac Guric,Matteo Monero, Franzis-D, Erdi Irmak, jordan petrof, zibe,Bobby Deep, Nick Wurzer, Deep Soul Duo, Stanisha,Stas Drive (Salt N Sugar), Andro V, Sonic Union, Apsara, Ameza,Adham GoDa,  Yrelav (Valery Bauduin), Nicolas Prieto (Nicolas Prieto),Ejective, Samotarev, Kaan Koray, Deep Z & Michael Gaida,De La Sol (louis sollard), John D, MiraculuM, Suffused,Andrez / Shopping Therapy , Gai Barone, Graziano Rafa,Andrew K , Marcelo Vasami, Decks By The Beach, Dope Den Productions, Marc Pole, d-phrag (Ivan Philipov), Bee (Bee GH),Ewan Rill (Deep Dusk), Pavel Skinner , Beat Syndrome, Mariano Favre, Alberto Blanco, Deep Cult , Komaroff, George Mosoh,Sima Deep, Michael & Levan, Kay-D & Many More…





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