Booya – Bad Feeling ( Out Now on Beatport )

Out Now on Beatport,Grab Your Copy Now !!!
Booya – Bad Feeling (KP017)

A ‘Bad Feeling’, Booya has chosen for his new track. While an eclipse cuts off light, all that Booya’s ‘Bad Feeling’ does is sparkle and shine. ‘Bad Feelings’ is the warm prog-house track that takes you in a lush and harmonic melody. Remixes By, John D and Veliades

Supported By : Markus Schulz, Sander Kleinenberg, Bobby Deep, Apsara, Flash Brothers,Nick Wurzer, Tim Benjamin, Andro V , Erdi Irmak,Michael & Levan, Sima Deep, zibe , 

Arthur Sense, Pavel Skinner, MiraculuM, jordan petrof, Deep Soul Duo, Samotarev, Sasha Le Monnier,Adnan Jakubovic, Alex Dawn (Alexander Dawn), Yrelav (Valery Bauduin),Dave S (David Meert), Franzis-D, Paul Martinez,Deep Z & Michael Gaida, Veliades, Sasha Alx, Kaan Koray,Zan Prevee, Adham GoDa, Placid (Mark Behme)
Stas Drive (Salt N Sugar), De La Sol (louis sollard),GEORGE MOSOH, Alberto Blanco, Kay-D, Dj Lemy,Elemental Drift , Louis Sollard, Ben Hysa, Suffused
Nikolai Marti , N-tchbl, 21street, Mini Deep, Rodrigo Mateo, 4Mal
& Many More….

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