CaMi – Long Way (Out Now on Beatport)

New Release Out Now From  CaMi - Long Way

Get your copy here now:

Support from:

Beat Syndrome,Bobby Deep, Matan Caspi,Tim Benjamin, Deep Cult, Michael & Levan, MiraculuM,Adnan Jakubovic, Adham Goda, Ben Hysa, Sasha Alx,OMDJAPAN(friskyRadio), Milan Bogdanovic, Deep Soul Duo,Julian Rodriguez, Andro V, Sima Deep,  Youngen ,Veliades , Sativa,  Andreas Agiannitopoulos, Sasha Le Monnier,Suffused, Hypnotic Progressions, Alberto Blanco,Deep Future, Dj Lemy, Apsara, Di Costa, med proggy,Samotarev, Joseph Ashton, Pavel Skinner, Franzis-D,PatriZe (Patrice Walthery), Franco Bianco,Greger, d-phrag, Deep Z & Michael Gaida, Kaan Koray,Stas Drive [Salt N Sugar], jordan petrof, Andrez / Shopping Therapy, gadimitrani , Oscar Vazquez, Volkan Erman,Tolga Diler, Madloch (Mitrinique), Deepsense,Monster of Density, Cris Xalambri, N-tchbl , Alex Code – Sound Travell3r, Paul Key/Outsense & Many More…Image


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