!KP Recordings – 1 Year Anniversary(Part2) Out Now on Beatport

Out Now on Beatport !!!KP Recordings – 1 Year Anniversary(Part2)!!!

Dear Friends, Artists, Producers, DJs, Fans and Supporters, We are more than happy on this day, that it’s been one year since the first release from our label. To bring back the …real sound of music, and today after 1 year we all saw that the music we love is still alive. We proved that there are still producers who want to create quality, that want to make good sounds and awesome music. We showed to the world that we are present and that we will for the quality of the sound. We have very good artists and legends that joined our family, and on the end We are very happy have our biggest supporters. A BIG THANK YOU !!!

1 St. Anniversary (Part 2) (KP053)
Release Date On Beatport : Aug.30.2013
1- CaMi – Long Way (Original Mix)
2- D@bit – First İmpression (Original Mix)
3- Dontknower – Lisa Goes To St.Petersburg (Andrea Erre & Criss …Hawk Remix)
4- Em & Zibe – Here I Go (Peaceful Mind Remix)
5- Gadi Mitrani – Why (Original Mix)
6- H@K – Illusion 12 (Ciskoman Remix)
7- Hypnotic Progressions – Seventh Flor Sunset (Original Mix)
8- Levente – Eyes Deep (Original Mix)
9- Nas Horizon & George Harbas – Leonard Str.(Dontknower Remix)
10- Veliades – Sense Of Fear (Orelse Deep Love Mix)Image


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