4th Anniversary of the KP Recordings Thank you Message

4th Anniversary of the KP Recordings

Thank you Message

KP Recordings

Dear Friends, Artists, Producers, DJs, Fans and Supporters,Exactly 4 years ago, on a stormy March morning, I signed the papers that made it official: I had founded a company. A company that, in many ways, was just an extension of my childhood passion for gaming. Many people predicted I would not last a year in this world, that I was too idealistic to cope with everyday business life, and that I would get things in a “virtual” mess in no time.

Fortunately, these people were wrong. But it was not me who proved them wrong; not me alone, anyway. Almost everyone in the audience today came to work with this company at some point over the last 4 years, and has stayed faithfully by my side ever since. Together, we have made KP Recordings a success. Together, we have made sure that we can gather here today and celebrate our 4th anniversary.

4 years is both a long time and a very short time. Our company is still adolescent. On the other hand, 4 years in a sector that is constantly and rapidly advancing is an achievement we can be proud of. It means we have managed to establish ourselves in this sector. We’ve claimed our rightful place here.

4 years ago, I was a young man with a dream that was simple enough,So I employed a creative team,and expected everyone to eliminate the impossible from my ideas and turn them into something that would not only be new and exciting and magical, but Miraculously…

Ozgur Timucin


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