Now 5 Years Anniversary By KP Recordings

Now 5 Years Anniversary By KP Recordings


Come in 2017!!!
We are very proud to present you our release KP286 from Now 5 Years Anniversary By KP Recordings
Release Date : Feb.27.2017
Release Info :
1-Adonai – Brother (Original Mix)
2-Amy Barbour – Feel (Original Mix)
3-Andro V – Lonely World (Alessandro Remix)
4-Berkay Duman & Voice Aimers – Alcatraz (Original Mix)
5-Boral Kibil – One Night In Dream (Peaceful Mind Remix)
6-Bulent Billie Dee Feat.Beni Do-Carmo – Fever (Original Mix)
7-Bulent Billie Dee Feat.Beni Do-Carmo – Kismet (Original Mix)
8-Bultech – Cardiograma (Javi Del Valle Remix)
9-Check Mate – Days Gone By (Original Mix)
10-CrazeeRotation – Time (Omaar Musal Remix)
11-Diego Galvis & Tito Mamdouh – 1000 Nights & A Night (Original Mix)
12-DJ Mito – Set You Free (Original Mix)
13-D-Roy Feat. Paty Loarti – Runaway (Original Mix)
14-Elias PLM – Not Alone (Fading Soul Remix)
15-Enrico Chirchiello – Old Time (Original Mix)
16-Ercan Babayigit – Like That (Original Mix)
17-Gabriel W. – Under the Ocean (Forteba Remix)
18-Gonzalo Schmidt – Tornado! (German Kreff Remix)
19-Greg Siokos Feat.Eleni Foti – Life (Vocal Mix)
20-Kerem Selek – Want You (Original Mix)
21-Kris Omen – Looking At (Original Mix)
22-Kyo Koichii – Reboorn (Beat Syndrome Remix)
23-Kyoto – Summer Rain (Original Mix)
24-Lyon et Kairo – Lamaldad (Original Mix)
25-Mahmut Orhan – Way to Life (Boral Kibil Remix)
26-Matt Hieu – Rainy Day (Original Mix)
27-N3K Feat Ali – Mirage (Original Mix)
28-Nas Horizon – Balos Lagoon (Original Mix)
29-Navda – The Wow Signal (Original Mix)
30-Qeltemo Feat.Judy Karacs – Without You (Original Mix)
31-Sebastian Busto – Steppenwolf (Original Mix)
32-Stella Von Schoneberg – Venus Power (Original Mix)
33-Stratos Sal – I Like It (PILOT BG Dark Remix)
34-Tatum – Roise (Original Mix)
35-ToBee – Reaction (Original Mix)
36-Tolga Maktay – Park Life (Original Mix)
37-TrinoVante – Fading Memories (Original Mix)
38-Vinny Fiore Feat.TK Wonder – Devil in You (Original Vocal Mix)
39-Vinny Fiore Feat.TK Wonder – Leave the Heart (Ercan Babayigit Re-Edit Remix)
40-Youngen – The River of Dreams (Original Mix)
41-Zibe – Night of Sin (Original Mix)


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