TrinoVante’s back to KP Recordings new album ‘The End of the beginning’

trinovante - the end of the beginning kp recordings

‘The End of the Beginning’, narratives from reality. TrinoVante’s new album ‘The End of the beginning’ is contradictorily set in a time of constant connection. It is about our day and age, it is about this generation.The album explores the meaning of being connected in thirteen tracks.
In summer the complete piece will be released, to finally connect the connected narrative, visually and auditorily. He now reports back with an album that stylistically falls in line with the distinct TrinoVante sound, just more grown-up and forward-thinking.
‘The End of the Beginning ’ single on Beatport pre-order release: May.31.2019, iTunes and all other DSPs release: Jun.28.2019
Artist : TrinoVante
Title : The End of the Beginning (Album)
Tracks :
1-Need To Fly Away
2-Radio Dreams
3-Too Many Enemy
4-Changing or Globalisation
5-Possessed By His Sorcery
6-Pyscho Man
7-Any Love For Me
8-I Pray
9-When Im Gone
10-Living Life in the Fast Lane
11-Baby Your The One
12-ChritsMas Time Again
13-No More Drink Driving
Catalog number: KP431
Label: KP Recordings
Pre-Order date on Beatport : May.31.2019
Release date: Jun.28.2019 (All Digital Stores)
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