Nelson Norman releases ‘XXI’

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We proudly present Nelson Norman’s first single ‘XXI’
Catalog : KP321

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Mustafa Can Aladag releases latest single ‘Amsterdam’ via KP Recordings

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‘Amsterdam‘ brings out another Mustafa Can Aladag hit fusing bigroom sensibilities with renewed techniques in a rolling feel-good 4/4 hit.
Catalog – KP319
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Mustafa Can Aladag - Amsterdam KP Recordings KP319 sep.1.2017

Hookie Mousse releases latest single ‘Rains Fall Down’ Feat. 300-0

Hookie Mousse Feat 300-0 - Rains Fall Down KP Recordings

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This time, they have come together with producer Hookie Mousse and singer-songwriter 300-0 to release ‘Rains Fall Down‘ on their imprint KP Recordings.
Hookie Mousse feat 300-0’s new song 
‘Rains Fall Down‘ makes perfect use of its hyper-catchy vocals and inspiring lyrics to deliver a message worth dancing to. 
Hookie Mousse Feat. 300-0 -Rains Fall Down
Catalog : KP318
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