Kutay Can Ak return with new single ‘Good Things Comes Thru’

Kutay Can Ak return with new single ‘Good Things Comes Thru’
 Kutay Can Ak has revealed his new single ‘Good Things Comes Thru’, due out 16th Jul via KP Recorrdings.
Artist : Kutay Can Ak
Track : Good Things Comes Thru (Single)
Catalog number: KP370
Label: KP Recordings
Pre-Order date on Beatport : Jun.18.2018
Release date: Jul.16.2018
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KUTAY CAN AK Good Things Comes Thru KP Recordings


CaMi Returns To KP Recordings To Release New Single ‘79’ (Out Now)

Out Now Exclusive on Beatport !
CaMi Returns To KP Recordings To Release New Single ‘79’
After the successful release of his first solo original ‘Long Way‘ on KP Recordings at the beginning of this year, CaMi is back!
Catalog number: KP343
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#beatport #Kariaproductions #Findyoursounds #musicmonday #kprecordings
Download ’79’


Franco Ciamberlani releases ‘FirstTime’ EP via KP Recordings !

Franco Ciamberlani - First Time KP Recordings

Out Now Exclusive on Beatport !
Franco Ciamberlani joins KP Recordings with his new FirstTime (EP)!
Catalog number : KP324
Tracklist : 
1- Franco Ciamberlani “Eleve”(Original Mix)
2- Franco Ciamberlani “Felipe”(Original Mix)
3- Franco Ciamberlani “NewShat”(Original Mix)
Download ‘First Time’ EP

Mustafa Can Aladag – Nitro Dance

Mustafa Can Aladag overflow the scene with him signature sound once again.
Mustafa Can Aladag – Nitro Dance
Catalog : KP317
Release Date on Beatport : Aug.25.2017

MUSTAFA CAN ALADAG - Nitro Dance KP Recordings KP317

KP Recordings releases 5 years Anniversary album

Out Now!!!KP Recordings releases 5 years Anniversary album on Beatport.

KP Recordings Now 5 Years Anniversary 

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Release Info:
1-Adonai – Brother (Original Mix)
2-Amy Barbour – Feel (Original Mix)
3-Andro V – Lonely World (Alessandro Remix)
4-Berkay Duman & Voice Aimers – Alcatraz (Original Mix)
5-Boral Kibil – One Night In Dream (Peaceful Mind Remix)
6-Bulent Billie Dee Feat.Beni Do-Carmo – Fever (Original Mix)
7-Bulent Billie Dee Feat.Beni Do-Carmo – Kismet (Original Mix)
8-Bultech – Cardiograma (Javi Del Valle Remix)
9-Check Mate – Days Gone By (Original Mix)
10-CrazeeRotation – Time (Omaar Musal Remix)
11-Diego Galvis & Tito Mamdouh – 1000 Nights & A Night (Original Mix)
12-DJ Mito – Set You Free (Original Mix)
13-D-Roy Feat. Paty Loarti – Runaway (Original Mix)
14-Elias PLM – Not Alone (Fading Soul Remix)
15-Enrico Chirchiello – Old Time (Original Mix)
16-Ercan Babayigit – Like That (Original Mix)
17-Gabriel W. – Under the Ocean (Forteba Remix)
18-Gonzalo Schmidt – Tornado! (German Kreff Remix)
19-Greg Siokos Feat.Eleni Foti – Life (Vocal Mix)
20-Kerem Selek – Want You (Original Mix)
21-Kris Omen – Looking At (Original Mix)
22-Kyo Koichii – Reboorn (Beat Syndrome Remix)
23-Kyoto – Summer Rain (Original Mix)
24-Lyon et Kairo – Lamaldad (Original Mix)
25-Mahmut Orhan – Way to Life (Boral Kibil Remix)
26-Matt Hieu – Rainy Day (Original Mix)
27-N3K Feat Ali – Mirage (Original Mix)
28-Nas Horizon – Balos Lagoon (Original Mix)
29-Navda – The Wow Signal (Original Mix)
30-Qeltemo Feat.Judy Karacs – Without You (Original Mix)
31-Sebastian Busto – Steppenwolf (Original Mix)
32-Stella Von Schoneberg – Venus Power (Original Mix)
33-Stratos Sal – I Like It (PILOT BG Dark Remix)
34-Tatum – Roise (Original Mix)
35-ToBee – Reaction (Original Mix)
36-Tolga Maktay – Park Life (Original Mix)
37-TrinoVante – Fading Memories (Original Mix)
38-Vinny Fiore Feat.TK Wonder – Devil in You (Original Vocal Mix)
39-Vinny Fiore Feat.TK Wonder – Leave the Heart (Ercan Babayigit Re-Edit Remix)
40-Youngen – The River of Dreams (Original Mix)
41-Zibe – Night of Sin (Original Mix)

Hookie Mousse – Goodness

Come in 2017!!!
We are very proud to present you our release KP296 from

Hookie Mousse – Goodness
Release Date on Beatport: Apr.24.2017
Release Info :
1- Hookie Mousse – Africa (Original Mix)
2- Hookie Mousse – Condesa (Original Mix)