Alik releases latest single ‘Courageous’ via KP Recordings

Alik - Courageus KP Recordings Nov.27.2017

Welcome to our new artist: Alik
A perfect harmony of massive bass, delicate plucks and a captivating melody, 
‘COURAGEOUS’ is where all of those elements form the heart of the record by KP Recordings.
Alik – Courageous
Catalog : KP334

Download ‘Courageous’




DeeJay TMC releases latest single ‘Nese’

Out Now on Exclusive on Beatport !
DeeJay TMC – Nese 
Catalog : KP322

Download ‘Nese’

DeeJay TMC - Nese KP Recordings KP322

TrinoVante releases ‘Love Is Emotional’ EP

TrinoVante returns to KP Recordings to start off the year with a bang!
TrinoVante – Love Is Emotional (EP)
Catalog: KP305
Genre : Deep House
Release Info:
1- TrinoVante – Love Exists in the Heart (Original Mix)
2- TrinoVante – Lost Love Without You (Original Mix)
3- TrinoVante – Love Flowers (Original Mix)

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The legendary producer Zibe ‘Kepler’ EP’s releases via KP Recordings !

Out Now !!!
The legendary producer Zibe ‘Kepler’ EP’s releases via KP Recordings !

Tracklist :
1- Zibe – Kepler-452b (Original Mix)
2- Zibe – In My Dream (Original Mix)
3- Zibe – Incekum (Original Mix)

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Stratos Sal ‘Something In The Air’released in KP Recordings

The producer Stratos Sal is back with a super power track

‘Something In The Air’released in KP Recordings.
We are very proud to present you our release KP325 from Stratos Sal
Release Date on Beatport: Oct.06.2017

STRATOS SAL - Something In The Air KP Recordings

DeeJay TMC – Nese

DeeJay TMC has unleashed his first single of 2017.

‘Nese’, will released on KP Recordings.
DeeJay TMC – Nese
Catalog : KP322
Release Date on Beatport : Sep.22.2017

DeeJay TMC - Nese KP Recordings KP322